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The Brief

We partnered with the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB) to transform Atlanta's culinary identity into a dynamic epicenter with the highly anticipated launch of the city’s MICHELIN Guide. The guide would reshape perceptions and captivate both local and global food enthusiasts, enticing them to savor the city's rich and unique culinary offerings.

The Insight

Atlanta's food scene has long been celebrated for its Southern comfort cuisine. However, the impending arrival of the MICHELIN Guide Atlanta 2023 presented a pivotal moment. This guidebook signifies Atlanta's already-established position as a hub of culinary innovation and excellence, spotlighting its status alongside other culturally vibrant cities.

The Solution

Our strategy unfolded across three strategic phases: firstly, to create excitement and educate audiences before the guide's announcement; secondly, to execute real-time announcements on social media, ensuring ACVB stood at the forefront of revealing the MICHELIN Star designations; and finally, to continue showcasing Atlanta's talented culinary innovators as a must-visit food destination.

The Results

The MICHELIN Guide Atlanta 2023 campaign surpassed all expectations, emerging as the top-performing content for the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. With over 4.64M impressions, 8.04K engagements, and 1.57K link clicks across platforms, our efforts successfully positioned Atlanta as a culinary powerhouse, leaving a lasting impression on food enthusiasts worldwide.

Atlanta's Flavor Revolution