Finally, a snack that gets you off your tail

The Brief

Develop and launch a campaign to introduce Barnana’s brand and sustainably sourced banana-based snacks to a broader audience. Our mission was to help more people discover a new snack that they could feel good about.

The Insight

Escape isn’t about avoidance, rather it’s a chance to immerse yourself into a new, more exciting world.

The Solution

We wanted to give snackers permission to reintroduce some playfulness and spontaneity into their everyday lives, beginning with their snack choices. We designed an awareness campaign using bright colors, playful copy, and engaging animations to educate audiences on the flavor and texture of Barnana snack products.

The Results

We successfully launched a large digital campaign that spanned placements across social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, search, digital banner ads, podcast advertising, Waze, and Instacart. It generated a large, qualified audience with over 100 million impressions made and helped establish the brand as a fun, flavorful, and sustainable snack option.

Infusing the snack routine with a playful twist