Challenging perceptions about a remarkable country

The Brief

South Africa still struggles with a perception of being undeveloped and unwelcoming to diverse cultures. Through their “Meet South Africa” campaign, South African Tourism North America (SAT) challenged those perceptions head on. But They needed a way to extend the campaign into the social-sphere in a way that would authentically connect with new audiences.

The Insight

South Africa is as colorful as the characters who visit it.

The Solution

We used social-driven insights and sentiment analysis to identify a new opportunity among African-American and LGBTQIA-identified consumers. We partnered with creators who had credibility with these audiences and had them use social media to tell the story of South Africa through their unique lenses.

We intentionally designed our creators’ travel itineraries to include activities that could be booked through a tour operator or independent booking site, ensuring that we not only told compelling stories that would draw attention, but were also promoting bookable South Africa tourism experiences.

The Results

By identifying the right partners for the right audience, we were able to give South Africa new credibility as a travel destination—generating massive engagement in the process. By the end, the campaign generated 2.8 million video views, 16 million impressions, and 125k engagements.

#MeetSouthAfrica  through the stories of a Local.