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The Brief

The Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau (ACVB) is responsible for bringing tourists and large-scale events to Atlanta. They wanted to revitalize their dormant “On A Different Level” campaign, asking us to build a full-scale social media and creative plan to support it.

The Insight

Atlanta is a culture creator, not a culture follower. It is a visually-charged city that’s deserving of a grander stage.

The Solution

Our team developed a new creative brief incorporating post-pandemic travel trends and research. We created a series of “ATL POV” content featuring iconic Atlanta sights and sounds, contracted influencers to develop OADL content, and developed a partner toolkit for partner agencies to extend the campaign across channels.

The Results

During the summer of 2022, we saw the highest ad recall all year with an On A Different Level ad (~13%, 250k ad recalls). More generally, the results from the first round of creative has shown that outdoor- and wellness-focused content was the highest performing, which gives us an entirely new audience to focus on in 2023.

taking an existing campaign to a whole Different Level