The purpose of a brand is to express what an organization or product stand for, it’s qualities and personality. When those things change it might also be time to update the brand.

Coming out of the pandemic we are in a period of rapid transformation of consumer behavior, the rise of new technology and shifting social platforms. At the same time we have used the last 2 years to build out new capabilities and services we can offer our clients as a forward-thinking and future-focused creative agency.

We want our updated brand to reflect the internal and external changes and the opportunities we see for our clients and us as an organization.

But our core values are not changing: we are still curious (now more than ever), we are still committed to delivering excellent customer service, we still want to bring solutions to our clients and we want to spark joy.

So what is changing?

From our new word mark to a playful color palette, the new visuals are bold and unafraid of taking up space. We chose a workhorse sans-serif typeface that speaks to the agency’s evolving versatility. The overall effect is a brand that is confident, yet approachable.

This brand refresh, combined with 15+ years of industry expertise, we’re ready to be a leading force in the new digital marketing landscape.

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