the conversation before it happens

The Brief

The Atlanta Super Bowl Host Committee needed a partner who could take on the massive lift of content and fan engagement during Super Bowl week and make sure the positive fan experience extended far beyond the stadium. Oh, and it all needed to be approved by the NFL ahead of time.

The Insight

How do you anticipate the hundreds of potential storylines that could happen on football’s biggest night? You game ALL of them out.

The Solution

In order to get the NFL’s pre-approval for our content and messaging, we had to anticipate social conversations before they happened. We used our expertise to identify hundreds of potential social conversations during the week of the Super Bowl and created messaging and content to match. Celebrity appearances, game results, events, complaints and concerns, and more—we made it all in advance and got it approved by the NFL so that we would be ready to post and share at a moment’s notice.

When the Super Bowl finally arrived in Atlanta, we assembled a social media command center with a team of over 50 experts to rally and engage fans on social media. Our team monitored and consistently responded to all questions and comments sent through social media regarding the NFL, Super Bowl LIII or Super Bowl-related events, using the pre-approved messaging and content. We also created Super Bowl LIVE content featuring celebrities like Goodie Mob, Monica, and Craig Campbell who reposted on their own channels.

The Results

Overall, the content posted generated more than 10 million impressions, resulting in more than 6 million inbound comments in 10 days. All of which our team monitored and moderated in real time—a gigantic effort befitting of the big game’s first appearance in the ATL.

Our social media playbook was a game-changer for  super bowl lIII