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The Brief

Washington County, Oregon, sits just west of downtown Portland. More than simply “the suburbs,” the region is a rich destination full of diverse attractions, experiences, and culture. But while locals and visitors are familiar with different experiences within the county, the region as a whole lacked a cohesive, compelling identity. A rebrand from Washington County to “Tualatin Valley” required a new campaign to get the word out.

The Insight

Tualatin Valley is a place you know—and love—but you’ve never heard of. Our goal was to transfer the positive feelings locals and visitors have for “Washington County” to “Tualatin Valley” through a campaign that makes the region as a whole responsible for the incredible experiences found within it.

The Solution

The “Near & Dear” campaign combines the proximity of Tualatin Valley to downtown Portland with the overwhelming affinity visitors have for the adventures found in the area. This large, multi-channel campaign targeting locals, day trippers from Portland, and overnight visitors highlights the “Best-of-Oregon experiences” found in Tualatin Valley, while avoiding the “Best-of-Oregon” crowds found in the state’s more well-known regions.

The Results

Building recognition and affinity for a new Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) takes time, but Tualatin Valley has already seen a 300% year over year increase in direct homepage visits, double the homepages visits via search, and a 48% increase in overall web traffic.

you don't know it. but you ALREADY Love it.