Discovering Hygge: A Spark's Solo Trip to Copenhagen

Anna Myers
June 18, 2024

At Sparkloft, our Discovery Trips are more than just travel—they're transformative experiences aimed at expanding horizons and fostering personal growth. These trips provide our team with the opportunity to immerse themselves in new cultures and environments, inspiring fresh perspectives that fuel both our creativity and global understanding. Explore how Anna's first solo trip ignited curiosity:

I’m not sure what it was about Copenhagen that drew me in first—maybe it’s my love of Danish design, or because it’s an incredible food destination, or even that it’s consistently ranked one of the happiest places in the world! Whatever the reason, I knew I had to visit. This trip was special for another reason, too — it was my first time traveling solo. 

Initially, the thought of traveling alone was a bit nerve-wracking, but as I settled into my decision, the excitement began to quickly build. For an entire week, I could explore this new city however I wanted, visiting any place that caught my eye and experiencing only the things that felt meaningful to me. This newfound independence meant I could have an adventure completely tailored to my own interests. When planning my visit, I made only a few concrete plans, leaving the rest flexible. 

Compared to other places I’ve visited, Copenhagen immediately felt like it had a great pace of life; not too loud or bustling. I felt very comfortable and relaxed.

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Naturally, this led me to explore the Danish concept of hygge (“hooga”), and I even booked a walking tour where I learned all about “Hygge and Happiness”. While the concept of hygge can be applied to many parts of Danish life, I translated it as enjoying small, meaningful moments during my travels. On this tour, we explored some quiet corners of the city, as well as Copenhagen’s green spaces, and stopped to chat over an occasional pastry and coffee. We took opportunities to learn about the city’s architecture and history in a leisurely, unhurried way.

I also savored these meaningful moments while immersing myself in Copenhagen’s vibrant food scene. Each day began with the perfect combination of incredible coffee and delectable pastries. From indulging in a fine dining experience at Radio, where I enjoyed a curated meal of Nordic fare, to discovering the bustling outdoor street food market at Reffen, my culinary journey was nothing short of extraordinary. Throughout the week, I found myself pleasantly full and remarkably fulfilled, having dined alone for every meal—a personal feat I hadn't experienced before. I cherished the solitude and the ability to enjoy the experience entirely on my own—a truly gratifying feeling.

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During my time in Copenhagen, I decided to explore as much as I could and walked everywhere. This led me to some incredible spots, like Tivoli Gardens, the third oldest amusement park in the world. While I was initially skeptical of visiting a busy amusement park, Tivoli felt as though it could only exist in a place like Copenhagen - it was filled with nostalgic rides, beautiful gardens, and incredible architecture. As I walked through, I was smiling ear to ear—it really was such a happy place!

So much of my trip was also spent enjoying many elements of Danish design and local artistry. I browsed through unique print shops, admired the craft of glassblowing and ceramics at Studio Arhoj, and dove into beautiful textiles at a Copenhagen-based shop. Of course, I couldn't miss the Designmuseum Denmark, where I soaked up the process of pattern-making and learned about the design history of some of the products we use every day. Each stop left me buzzing with inspiration and a deeper appreciation for Danish creativity.

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As I reflected on my solo adventure, I realized how profoundly this visit to Copenhagen had shaped me. Even when it felt uncomfortable, during moments of solitude, I discovered the beauty of embracing quiet pauses or experiencing immense wonder. This journey taught me the value of self-discovery and the joy of experiencing the world on my terms. To anyone contemplating solo travel, I wholeheartedly encourage you to take the leap.

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Anna joined the Account team at Sparkloft in 2021. As account supervisor, she has had the opportunity to work across many different verticals, from travel and tourism to CPG and sportswear.


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