Skift: Global Tourism Must Confront These 3 Consumer Shifts in Its Sustainability Push

June 2, 2022


We have recently shared the key findings from our traveler sentiment report, "The Post-Pandemic Traveler," exclusively with Skift. The report highlights a shift in traveler priorities, with a focus on novelty, purpose, and connection rather than specific destinations. To adapt to these evolving preferences, we suggest that the travel industry focuses on wellness travel, sustainable options, and remote work opportunities. It is crucial for brands to actively listen to consumers, diversify messaging, and leverage emotional drivers to effectively engage with travelers. Moreover, destinations must address the impact of untethered travelers on host communities and their quality of life. By embracing change, prioritizing local communities, and addressing climate vulnerability and inequity, the industry can pave the way for long-term success.

For a deeper look download our report:
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