Report: Travel's New Frontier

April 20, 2023

There’s no doubt. Travel is back, for real this time.

Travel is making a robust comeback after COVID-19 brought the industry to a grinding halt three years ago. With the last, lingering mask mandates lifting around the globe, consumers are ready to move out of “recovery” and into living (and traveling) again.

All indicators show that travel is barrelling back to full steam. Passport wait times have skyrocketed, booking windows are extending further out, and excitement levels for travel are at a three-year high. 

“Emerging from the pandemic was no cakewalk. Americans face a cost of living crisis, security concerns, and rising rates of anxiety and depression. As a result, what and how we consume is changing to become an act of catharsis.”
— Global Web Index, “Connecting the Dots” 2023 Trends Report

Despite concerns about stagflation, consumers are not deterred from spending on travel, indicating a positive outlook for the industry's recovery.

Our report dives in, to debunk travel’s new frontier and to explore the mindsets and motivations driving the weary but wanderlusting traveler of 2023. Where are they going? How are they planning and spending? What are their new priorities?

For a deeper look download our report:
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