Meeting Social Content Demands with Agility

Sarah Correa-Dibar
May 13, 2024

In today's world of technology, everyone – from casual users to professionals – can easily name several social media platforms. We all have our preferred news sources to stay updated on current events and trends. Smartphone users often have their go-to apps they use most frequently. The challenge lies in the vast amount of information available compared to our limited time. Scrolling through TikTok, checking in with friends on Instagram and WhatsApp, catching up on college stories via Snapchat, and reading the news – all before 9 a.m. – leaves little room for focused attention on each platform. As the online world moves faster, our attention spans suffer. This makes crafting social media content even more challenging.

Brands need to hone their ability to turn trends into relevant content quickly and efficiently. Being nimble in both production processes and the content itself is crucial. A nimble marketing framework allows for quick adaptability to new challenges and opportunities by leveraging new social media platform features and hopping on trends in ways that are unique to the brand.

START Strong with Effective Community Management

Community management is the crystal ball that sees into your audience’s needs. Logging onto your platforms every morning will help you understand the trends your consumers are interested in and the questions they need answered by you. Social media is the only medium which gives you direct and unfiltered contact with the audience. By community managing, we can understand what the audience is looking for from a brand, what they are talking about among themselves, and what is performing well, which in turn allows you to know what to focus more on in the feed. On the flipside,

“When communities aren't managed well, members may feel neglected, unheard, or unvalued. This can lead to decreased engagement, loss of members, and negative word-of-mouth, harming your brand's reputation and customer loyalty.”, The Community Management Strategy Driven By Trends

We recently hopped on a trend for our client Discover Atlanta the day Taylor Swift released her newest album, The Tortured Poets Department. Knowing how influential Swift is and how important music is to the city, our team conceptualized both creative copy and graphic design, combining Atlanta icons, the album’s aesthetic, and various song titles. The resulting post was met with impressive results, such as 1,780 likes and 70 engaging comments. Strong teamwork and quick thinking, powered by a nimble framework, were key to this success. Without this adaptable approach, it could have been a missed opportunity.

Building a Nimble Content Framework

The key to a smooth content approval process lies in maintaining a consistent creation cycle while staying agile for trending content. Here’s a start on how to create an effective framework:

Establish a Consistent Creation Cycle

  • Define Deadlines. Strong marketing campaigns happen when there is a defined internal greenlight process. Once introductions are made, set clear deadlines for both content creation and approval. Aim for timely content delivery (for example, the 15th and 30th of every month) to avoid last-minute scrambles. Everyone benefits from sticking to the schedule. Content creators deliver on time, and brands avoid delays.  In the meantime, consider an internal pre-approval process with colleagues before bringing it to the final approver. Content that aligns with your brand's voice and mission sails through client approvals faster.

Implement an Internal Pre-Approval Process

  • Team Collaboration. Before presenting content to the final approver, have colleagues review it. Content that aligns with your brand's voice and mission sails through client approvals faster.
  • Clear Communication. During content team syncs, take detailed notes on the client's content preferences. Dislikes matter as much as likes – avoid content the client hasn’t approved in the past (e.g., copy with negative phrases). This saves you time and shows you're listening. Politely push back on key points but prioritize communication.

Utilize User-Generated Content (UGC) & Other Existing Assets

  • Regular Collection. Dedicate time once or twice a month to gather UGC that reflects current trends and seasons. Influencers often tap into trending sounds and topics relevant to your niche, providing fresh content inspiration.
  • Repurpose Existing Assets. Transform existing assets to serve new purposes by reviewing your brand library to repurpose past content for trending sounds. This approach keeps your feed fresh, leverages user engagement, and maximizes the value of your existing content library.

To learn more about multiple sources of content to feed your content calendar, check out our blog Switching the 'Social' Narrative.

Leverage Long-Form Content

  • Genuine Storytelling. The rise of long-form content like voiceovers, direct-to-camera talks, instructional videos, and behind-the-scenes glimpses offers a chance for authentic storytelling. Leverage social media audio tools for these formats. Capitalize on trending sounds for wider reach, but act early before saturation sets in. Ultimately, longer videos foster a stronger connection with your audience since they promote storytelling. Speaking directly to camera allows them to connect with your brand's personality, boosting engagement and fostering a sense of connection.

In conclusion, the ever-present battle between limited time and limitless content online demands a strategic approach for social media success. By harnessing the power of community management to understand your audience's needs, establishing a smooth content approval process, and leveraging the availability of repurposed and trending content, you can succeed in building a tailored social media strategy that fosters meaningful connections with your audience when they need it and without overwhelming your feed. In today’s technology-first world saturated with content, quality and relevance reign supreme.

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