Sparkloft Media Unveils Brand Refresh and Declares "Social is Dead, Long Live Social"

August 9, 2023

PORTLAND, OR -- Sparkloft Media, a leading creative agency with a rich history in social media, today announced a transformative brand refresh boldly proclaiming the end of traditional social media. The agency's evolution reflects its deep understanding of the changing landscape and the need for community-focused platforms in today's digital world.

Sparkloft’s brand refresh aligns with the changing dynamics of communities and the way they connect. In today's digital age, consumers have evolved from proximity and relationship-based circles to seeking like-minded communities. The rise of entertainment platforms, spearheaded by TikTok, has reshaped the landscape and highlighted the need for a fresh perspective.

"Our long-standing expertise in platforms, community, and audience has shaped our journey of growth," states Martin Stoll, founder & CEO of Sparkloft. "We've witnessed the transformation of consumer behavior, the changing landscape of social platforms, and the rise of community-driven interactions. Our brand refresh is a testament to our commitment to evolving alongside these shifts and delivering remarkable experiences that resonate with our audience."

The agency's manifesto reflects its dedication to adding soul and substance to brand communications, fueled by genuine curiosity about audiences as fully realized individuals. Sparkloft's vision lies in its belief that community is the future, built upon its 15+ years of connecting with audiences across various social media platforms. The agency's expertise in building passionate, tight-knit communities empowers clients to navigate the ever-changing nature of human interaction online and in real life.

Since its inception in 2006, Sparkloft has continuously evolved its approach and services. Today, the agency stands as a trailblazer, no longer confined to being solely a social agency. With the expansion of its creative strategy and media teams, Sparkloft has become the sought-after lead creative agency for prospective clients. By putting community at the forefront, Sparkloft brings a unique perspective to clients, leveraging its social foundations to create engaging, two-way creative experiences.

"We are no longer a traditional 'social agency'; we have become community builders,"adds Stoll. "Our strategic focus is on putting community and audience at the heart of every creative endeavor. We recognize that the gathering places and building blocks for communities are undergoing radical changes, and we are at the forefront of this new era."

Through its brand refresh and industry expertise, Sparkloft positions itself as a leading force in the new digital marketing landscape. By leveraging cutting-edge tools, strategies, and its unwavering commitment to delivering unique perspectives, the agency continues to foster meaningful connections and facilitate impactful experiences for audiences worldwide.

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About Sparkloft Media

Sparkloft Media is an award-winning creative agency that has spent more than 15 years working with clients across five continents to develop innovative marketing strategies. Sparkloft proudly defines itself as a community builder for brands, using that intimate knowledge of audiences to find creative ways to help brands power their passions. The agency firmly believes that building strong and vibrant communities serves as the cornerstone for effective brand strategies. By employing cutting-edge tools and methodologies, the agency delivers unparalleled insights for national and international clients. For more information, please visit

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